Moving to my new Playground

By | July 24, 2018

Today, I’m moving my blog to a new server hosted by kenceng solusindo. All my domain will be gradually moved to new server so there will be DNS propagation lag. All my domain will be served using https by letsencrypt.

In this new playground, I hope can add new fun stuff and separate between photoworks, network stuff, and programming stuff.

Currently, you can access my main domain at and, my other domain still left in the old server. In these domains, you can find all article about network and communication, cloud technology, tips and hints, software and product review and server technology.

My photoworks will be available later at and I will re-upload my photoworks later in this weekend and add another stuff in this blog. Maybe I will add photography tutorials in this blog and some simple tricks and tips or product review.

Lastly, for coding stuff, I will dedicate and as my new playground which contains all about Bot Programming, NLP – Natural Language Processing, AI, IoT, Python, PHP and Ruby on Rails.

For dark stuff, I still manage RSS feed at my other domain.




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